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4 pack hand marbled blank 5" x 7" A7 cards.

These can be used for any occasion. 
These include set of mailing envelopes. Each card is uniquely printed in a singular marble bath similar to a mono print. Cards are ink jet printable for customizable greeting or letter.

Marbling consists of printing on inks which are floating water. This process contains the possibility for imperfections in the design/pattern. Each card has a soft marbled ghost print on the interior. Printed on acid free cardstock heavy weight paper. Ink used is PH neutral, lightfast of the highest quality available. 

All designs copyright Jenniffer Omaitz of JC Marbling. 
These are intended for gift or paper craft. 


4 pack blank cards 5" x 7"

  • All of our paper is handmade in our Kent, Ohio studio. We take great care in selecting the paper and making all designs on from scratch. Each design is carefully pulled with the expertise of our lead Marbler. Paper is acid free bound with PVA glue aside from the stitching. Our paints are PH neutral and use high quality ink. Should you have more questions about our inks or binding, please just email or contact Jenniffer. 

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