Earrings set in nickel free plated metal. 

Not suitable for water or wearing in shower.

Earring wood dimensions are outer diameter: approx. 40mm/1.57inch, hanging hole: approx. 2mm/0.078inch add 1/2" for length. 
This set is extremely light and perfect for sensitive ears

Made of wood and coated with an acrylic water based glaze.This particular piece is hand marbled and truly a one of a kind. Made with PH neutral, acid free color . Each is chosen for it's unique design and composition. Often our designs reference geological, geode, earth formations, topographical views, or elegant water like ripples. For more info on our marbling process please see our shop page or visit our website jcmarbling.com

Since the set is made with marbled process and there is glue used as a setting agent. It is strongly advised that this is not exposed to water or submerged into water.

Double Marbled Wood Earring Set