Pen not included only in photo for size. 


This particular book is 
Height: 5"
Width: 6 1/2""
Depth: 1/4"

bound with irish linen thread 7ply.
paper: 24lb strathmore writing paper
Pages: 40 (double this for counting front and back)
Great for graphite drawing and ink based drawing. Gouache paints are ok, will not hold watercolor.

Marbling consists of laying a sheet of paper onto a layer of ink suspended on a bath of Carrageenan (Irish seaweed moss). Once there is a desired design created with water based inks on the bed of Carrageenan, a print is pulled. This process is akin to Mono printing. Although we try to make each print as perfect as possible, the water has a balance we have to consider. There are slight imperfections in the marbled paper which is part of the process of marbling.



Japanese Stab Stitch book with double marbled paper