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Pen not included in photo for size.  Item made in March 2022


This particular book is 

heat bound for perfect binding.
Height: 8 3/16"
Width: 5 1/4"
Depth: 1/4"
paper: 100% cotton writing paper 60lb 
Pages: 28-30 (double this for counting front and back)
Great for graphite drawing and ink-based drawing. Gouache paints are ok, will not hold watercolor.

Marbling consists of laying a sheet of paper onto a layer of ink suspended on a bath of Carrageenan (Irish seaweed moss). Once there is a desired design created with water-based inks on the bed of Carrageenan, a print is pulled. This process is akin to Mono printing. Although we try to make each print as perfect as possible, the water has a balance we have to consider. There are slight imperfections in the marbled paper which is part of the process of marbling.

Slim Jotter Blank Sketch/Write

  • This is a perfect bound book consisting of glue on the spine. We try to ensure that all of our books are of the highest quality adhesion. All of our paper is handmade in our Kent, Ohio studio. We take great care in selecting the paper and making all designs on from scratch. Each design is carefully pulled with the expertise of our lead Marbler. Paper is acid free bound with PVA glue aside from the stitching. Our paints are PH neutral and use high quality ink. Should you have more questions about our inks or binding, please just email or contact Jenniffer. 

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