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Small one of a kind marbled painting created directly on wood panel. This is covered with a matte varnish and protected from light. Unique item is double marbled and truely one of a kind. 

18" x 18"  x  1.5" (depth)


All wood, glue and ink are PH neutral and fully cured. Color is brilliant as pictured. There is a protective layer of gloss varnish on the surface of the work. 


Painting is ready to hang with optional hanging system on the back. This way buyer can determine painting orientation.


All Sales are final and item can not be returned or traded for other items. Damage incurred to work after leaving sale venue aside from shipping issues is sole responsibility of the buyer. 


All work will be ready to pick up at the venue after the close of the exhibition. Exhibiton is over and deinstallation begins October 4. Pick up is resonsibility of the buyer. If buyer is unable to pick up item on October 4 or shortly after they will have to arrange with JC Marbling an alternative time. Due to the nature of the glass framed work shipping is not an option. Non framed work qualifies for shipping. 

Spanish Currents

  • All of our paper is handmade in our Kent, Ohio studio. Small painitng was assembled by hand. We take great care in selecting the paper and making all designs on from scratch. Each design is carefully pulled with the expertise of our lead Marbler. Paper is acid free bound with PVA glue aside from the stitching. Our paints are PH neutral and use high quality ink. Should you have more questions about our inks or binding, please just email or contact . 

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